7 fun sports to try in 2017


Let’s face it – when you buy a gym or sports club membership in the beginning of the year, you probably do not use it as much as you intended to. Your enthusiasm wears off after a couple of weeks and your brand new trainers lie in a corner sad and ignored. The few times you do decide to hit the gym, you mainly just sit on the exercise bike and well, not really pedal.

Why don’t you try something new this year? something with a fresh perspective, cause honestly running on the treadmill seems so very 2016.


  1. Ultimate Frisbee


Yes, we’re calling it a sport… and it’s apparently not just a uni thing.

Described as fast-moving team sport played with a flying disc, with leagues and teams playing at all levels – local, national and international.



  1. Spinning classes


So this has been a bit of a thing for a while now… but some places are really upping their game with making the exercise class more exciting (it’s also famously hard, so expect a good work-out).


  1. Bubble soccer

bubble soccer


A wackier version of soccer that is currently played in many different countries of the world like Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Lebanon, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Scotland, Sweden, Spain and Poland is now in India. Bubble soccer- a game that will keep you bouncing in excitement. It’s about smashing into each other, bouncing and rolling in the grass / indoors, in an inflatable zorb light ball. You will be laughing too hard to keep a tally.


  1. Indoor skydiving

sky diving

Indoor skydiving is the simulation of true freefall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. It’s where the dream of flight becomes a reality. Check out – http://www.weflyindia.com



  1. Horse riding

horse riding

Some people might argue this is a difficult one to do if you don’t live in the country side – but actually, if you investigate, there’s stables all around.

And it’s a really lovely sport to have a go at, reliving childhood dreams of having your own little pony.


  1. Climbing

rock climbing

This is usually considered to be a very serious sport but you can try the indoor version which does require strength and technique, it could be a fun workout and you could actually develop a real skill.


  1. Ice skating

ice skating

Yes, it might feel weird going to a rink in the Delhi NCR, but you can really feel the burn after whizzing round just about an hour, and it never fails to be amusing.

Go get out there try, something new and you never know you might just have the time of your life!

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