Surfing in India

Surfing group shots_3xLast summer, I got a chance to learn Surfing in the beautiful city of Esmoriz, located 25km South of Porto in Portugal. Trust me, this trip was worth the 40-hour train journey it took to reach there.

The beaches are beautiful and offer some of the best waves to surf across Europe.The people there were even better; they will make sure that you are taken care of. But the best part was definitely Surfing. There is, of course, the pain of taking the board and swimming against the waves, missing the right ones, falling from the board and doing an uncomfortable summersault. But at the end of the day, the peace of lying on your board in midst of ocean waiting for the right wave and the exhilaration of surfing successfully, even if it is once or twice in 6 hours, is all worth the pain.

Since that day, I had been wondering why we didn’t have surfing in India and on researching I found out, to my astonishment, that we have some amazing places to enjoy surfing. India offers a 7,000 KM of coastline with many surf spots but most of them are still unexplored. Along the 7000 KM of coastline in India, there are at least 200 surfer friendly river mouths. This Map of all the major surf spots will surprise you.

Surf-map-spots-676_3xFew key Locations to surf includes Shivas (a popular Hindu holy place situated on a small peninsula jetting out into the Arabian Sea at Murdeshwara), Kapu Beach Lighthouse, Ten Thousand Peaks (a surf spots on the west coast of South India at Maravanthe), Kovalam Beach and many others.

However, surfing in India has many challenges like lack of accurate maps or roads to get you to the surf spots, unavailability of equipments, and most importantly lack of training and information about the sports. With Sportido, we want to make sports like Surfing accessible to people and help them get healthier in a fun way.

: Although I thought my next surfing trip would be to Bali, I now think I should explore India first. Try surfing once and you won’t be able to stop going back to it.

Happy Surfing!

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