Top the Scuba Diving destination in India

scuba_diving_Lax_3xTechnically scuba diving is a form of underwater diving in which a diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing device (scuba) to breathe underwater. But for us, Scuba Diving is a way to explore hidden life forms along with yourself, an adventure where you track every breath of yours and enjoy the undiscovered beauty in calm and peace. Does this sound heavenly to only me? Here is our pick for the top three scuba diving spots in India.

1. Andaman Islands, Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman offers a mix of colourful marine life and coral reefs. Scuba Diving here offers the divers an experience to explore untouched natural beauty . Because of the sheer lack of divers, the place has not been commercialized yet. So rush before it gets too crowded, and have the diving experience which is second to none.


2. Netrani, Karnataka

Netrani is one of the most beautiful spots for Scuba diving and is only 19 Km from mainland India. This island offers great variety of fishes and exotic coral life and is suitable for first-time divers

3. Lakshadweep Islands

This list cannot be complete without including the clear waters of Lakshadweep as one of our favourite scuba spots. It offers a beautiful coral topography and a wide variety of sea life to be explored.But the best parts are the coral reefs, which will make your Lakshadweep experience not only memorable but absolutely unforgettable.

Keep diving.