Top the treks in India



Cutting down the chase, here is our pick for the top three treks India has to offer:

  1. Shepherd’s Trail, Himachal Pradesh

This breathtakingly beautiful trek in Himachal Pradesh offers a mind and soul transformation for travellers. The Shepherd’s trail, locally known as Gaddi trek, connects the scenic valley of Kullu with Kangra valley. The elevation on this trail goes as high as 4,800 meters at Kalihani pass. The journey becomes more exciting when travelers encounter the tricky and slippery glaciated tracks adding to the sense of adventure and cultural grandeur. Also, the magnificent Himalayan range that forms a crest parallel to the spotless blue sky makes you wonder if this is the most beautiful thing you will ever see in your life.The clear waters of the lakes with its reflection makes for a spectacular view of the Dhauladhar. This is usually an 18 days’ trek and is open from September to October each year.


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  1. The Chadar Frozen River Trek

This 75 km. long trek in Leh, Ladakh and J&K, will take you up to 11,123 Ft. This trek provides a unique opportunity to walk on the Ice of frozen rivers. Chadar trek connects villages in Zanskar Valley with Chilling along the frozen Zanskar River. Many villages covered in the trek are inaccessible between November and March and frozen river is the only way to reach these villages. This route has been used for centuries for trade and transportation, and is most reliable in February when the ice is most stable


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3. Dodital, Uttarakhand

Enter a dream land with the Dodital trekking. It offers majestic, snow-capped mountains, fresh water lakes, and serene rivers.People come from all over the world to experience the exciting and exuberant treks of the Himalayan Mountains. Some believe that Lord Ganesha chose this place as his abode, thus, believers have built a temple dedicated to him here. This Trek includes a visit to Sangam Chatti, a charming village market place.Trek along meadows dusted with snow, laced with pine trees and witness the awe-inspiring Himalayas. Also, if you wish, enjoy the ascend to Dodital route through mixed forests.

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