We have been pondering over this question ever since we started working on Sportido, and our research has lead to some surprising findings. First of all, we have to define in detail what a Game or a Sport is.

An interesting way of defining game comes from a computer games designer Chris Crawford. Let’s begin with a book; it’s fun, it’s entertaining, but it’s not really a game. The same logic applies to TV shows and Movies as they are not interactive.

As soon as something is fun and interactive, we have got ourselves a Play thing. According to Crawford if we can play with some thing but there is no goal associated with it then it’s a Toy. If, however, there is an objective to be achieved playing something then it’s called a challenge. If a challenge involves only you, then it’s a Puzzle, like a Rubik’s cube. : But if it involves other people then it is called a conflict. In a conflict if you are not allowed to interact with another player, like a foot race, then it’s a competition. If, however, in a conflict you are allowed to interact with other players it’s a Game. Wow!

So a Game or a Sport is fun, interactive and goal oriented.

By this definition, Life in itself is a game and is in fact, it’s the most complicated game we’ll ever play. But as Life involves multiple players and complex situations, goals and rules are not clearly defined. Moreover, we might or might not feel the sense of achievement.

As per Maslow’s hierarchy, we need games to fulfill our need of self-actualization, and thus, humans created games and sports where rules are clearly defined, and the rewards are fast and easy to achieve. Not only is this good for our body and brain, but it also helps us reach self-actualization.

Now you know why you want to play! It was simple, wasn’t it?

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