Yoga postures to do every single day- Part 2



I really enjoyed working on the first yoga blog and realised how my love for yoga has increased over this last year. I recommend it to everyone because I genuinely feel it can change your life.

My fist blog ( )covered basic neck exercises that one must do to warm up your body followed by the shoulder and back stretches mentioned below.

I’m sure some of you already know them, but please follow the instruction to make sure you’re doing it right. It’s always better to do yoga with a trained professional.



3 of the remaining basic stretches

These will help you warm up and align your back for the rest of the routine that we’ll start learning from week 3.

We have learnt 3 basic neck exercises in the 1st blog, after which we need to incorporate the following 3 exercises.

Note: All of the following neck exercises to be done with proper breathing and controlled movements.


Arm rotations:





Stand up straight. Keep your arms straight (do not bend from the elbow), rotate your arms from your shoulders, in circular motion (moderate speed, not too slow or too fast). Do 10 counts clockwise followed by 10 anti-clockwise. Make sure to increase the count gradually, you can take it to 50 counts each side.


Basic Forward bend:



If you are doing this for the first time, this exercise could be a bit tricky

Stand up straight, arc your back slightly, keep your knees straight, look straight ahead and slowly start bending forward from your tail bone, make sure to keep your back straight, your head up, and your knees straight. Bend only as much as you can while you maintaining your posture. Reach your maximum stretch and slowly count to 10. Slowly move back up. Increase your stretch overtime and gradually, do not overdo it at any point, know your limit and permit what your body allows. Your goal is to eventually make your head touch your knees.


Basic Back bend:






Stand up straight with your arms on your waist slowly bend your neck backwards and start bending your back, keep your knees slightly bent to maintain your balance (Remember to bend your neck first followed by your waist). Once you’ve reached your limit start counting to 10. Your body might start trembling a little. But that’s okay. Slowly stand up straight. Remember to do this asana slowly and permit what your body allows.


Do write in and let me know if you found this blog useful. Do keep in mind, its always best to practice yoga first thing in the morning and under the guidance of a professional. Mr Ravi who I’ve been training under for the past year is a fantastic teacher, his contact details are mentioned below.


References: Mr Ravi ( fitness and yoga instructor) – 9212565197






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    64. Oh yes I'd be rubbing my hands together with glee at the sound of that first sentence 😀 That hotdog looks so yum! And deep fried sushi? Oh my…Though I'd be worried about my poor heart after eating here!

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    66. There was once a time when I really admired Juan Williams, but now I'm left shaking my head. Where did he go wrong? <<Same here. I even have a book of his, Enough, which I purchased after reading a column of Bob Herbert's piece on the no-sntiching trend in parts of the AfAm community. Williams should be ashamed of himself. He knows better.

    67. bonjour kriscous ,alors c’est là que tu te trouves maintenant ,je te mets de suite dans mes favoris ,tès belle série de photos …bravo a ces artistes ,et merci à toi de nous faire partager …bises et bone apmd….

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    69. YES, Jasp, where is the electro-techno-hypno yummyness that we’re waiting to hear from you? You have to swim it across the Atlantic or something?[hugs and aliens, too]

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    77. Vaty…. grazie, le tue parole… le vostre parole, mi sono di grande aiuto sai? io forse do qualcosa a voi ma voi, credimi, mi riempite il cuore di strane e meravigliose emozioni che non sono neanche sicura di meritarmele davvero. ti abbraccio!! :-*

    78. I was wondering if one of the two conservative “Amegos” could ask Judge Erik how much the Payrole Tax costs a person as a percentage of their income, compared to paying the Income Tax (pick the lowest bracket if you wish). Paying the Payrole Tax is more like paying “Mandatory Fees”, like your car registration, car insurance,and drivers license in terms of expense to you.

    79. Nie każdy jedzie pracować :/ poza tym w USA jest dużo pięknych miejsc i bardzo fajnie jest pojechać w celach turystycznych, bez sensu, że właśnie odmawiają wiz przez takich głupków, którzy myślą, ze do Stanów leci się tylko po to by pracować :/

    80. This just war theory in the absence of just resistance theory is just nonsense. There is little acknowledgment as to why Israel is being threatened. In the absence of that, Waltzer is just a shill for colonial domination. BTW he is NOT a moral philosopher, he is a public “intellectual” who has offered his services to power. As he will be known.

    81. RickyHey I’m not totally out yet… But it’s hard the linger you wait the longer it will get… Seriously just go and do it tell the world but tell people that you trust first…. Abd also don’t still be in denial or it’ll just be evn worst .. Take it from me, I’ve been thinking of suicide cause I hated who I was but now Iove myself…. do it but make sure you can trust them

    82. OoGabriel, não sei nem o que falar…Isso é o tipo de coisa que não da pra se orgulhar, é melhor dizer assim: "Protegi minha virgindade por mais de 28 anos"Acho que você merece um Parabens Campeão!

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    84. John #116Imagine if the 4.0 GPA kid (easily could be one of my relatives’ kids that are doctors) that had everything paid for, and got 4.0′s from Ivy leagues [after his/her parents got free education from India and settled here]… If he/she complains about taxes, it would seem *cheap*. I’d give my kid a lecture for complaining about taxes. My friend was a med rep for big pharma, and he mentioned that many Indian doctors (immigrants) mainly “watch Indian videos and complain about taxes” [of course my doctor friends do not complain about taxes :)].S

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    86. Have a great year Mirjam! Sorry I visit rarely. I was swamped, and I won a challenge at Tyler Cruz’! Come over and read about it!So, judging by your post frequency it’s either you’re busting your ass lately on some project or touring Spain’s finest food festivals? Cheers,AlexAlex at’s last blog post..

    87. Nixou you really are completely ignorant to what fans were complaining about. Commander Shepard can in fact survive the last battle if you have a high enough readiness rating. Soo when you say, “you know that the real reason behind your tantrum (no triumph, no “perfect ending”, no invincible-to-the-end protagonist)” is completely off base and misconstrued on your silly ignorant understandings of why fans were complaining in the first place. AND that is why YOU sir are a troll and a fool!

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    93. EDIT: Okay, habe den Satz rausgeworfen. Ich verstehe jetzt was du meinst. Dass da Installations-Dateien für Windows mit drauf sind war mir so nicht bewusst, da ich eine Live-CD unter Windows noch nie gestartet habe 😉

    94. I totally agree with you! Drama is such an active and imaginative subject that you can’t possibly get anywhere with it if you’re not truly interested and commited. I love performing and teaching drama (although I’m still quite new to the teaching aspect) and I can’t imagine having to face a class if I wasn’t passionate about the subject I’m teaching. If only there were more like you!

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    96. Hi Zach,A warm welcome to Picturenose, thanks very much for your comment! For myself, Lebowski is (with the exception only of Airplane! (1980)) the funniest film ever made, and I believe that my Picturenose partner Colin shares this view. Definitely one for the ages, as you say. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    97. 1a3If that were the issue then why did the employee barricade the walkway with the cart? If that really were the problem that is the employees fault for not communicated that to her. And this is not to mention that the person in the corporate office that she spoke to did not make it about fire safety but about breastfeeding. This IS about women’s right to breastfeed.

    98. Perussuomalaisten liikettä vastaan yritetään monelta suunnalta hyökätä ja painaa alas! Nyt otetaan jo iso kirja avuksi? Aika epätoivoista! Alkaako keinot olla vähissä puoluetta pelkäävillä? Missä on “heidän” hellimä suvaitsevaisuus?

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    103. “I am just saying aloud that in general I would hate to bid against someone with an advantage of reduced commission and knowing all the reserves in advance”Excellent point Shane, but more importantly…you’ve got the whole industry diving into this issue…so hats off to bringing an important issue to light. I never thought about this point, and its an important from a buyer point of view, but as a seller I could care less…Regardless, 33 comments show this is an important issue you brought out for discussion. CheersJay

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    105. People at my showing applauded for the Indy trailer. APPLAUDED. I can’t think of the last time that happened.Agreed on Love Guru. Hang it up, Mike.Ed Norton is awesome as an actor and I believe he’ll bring writing props as well. And let’s not forget RDJ Action Hero will be in that flick as well.

    106. 31/07/2012Con el tiempo que ha pasado desde la intervención, no creo que el dolor sea por la cirugía. Si la niña ha nadado sin tapones en los oídos, le puede haber entrado agua y eso causar el dolor. En todo caso, llévela a su otorrino y que la vea.

    107. kimk-Thanks for posting the link to Adeles “Skyfall” I loved it! Her voice …nothing quite like it out there now. Beautifully haunting!Also love Brunos new song, a bit edgy, that along with his voice/style will make it a chart topping hit!Speaking of chart topping hits..Kalei–this post is definitely a BB Chart Topping post! Its so jammed packed with goodies! Thank you!ABMS- you’re in trouble…not fair to post a link to “lips” and then leave! LOL His are enough to make Angelina jealous!

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    115. It actually does send the message that it all starts with our personal relationship with Christ. I wonder if some of us saw the same movie? I feel this movie opens the door for non-believers without judging, without hammering them over the head. You can’t force someone to want to know God, but can peak their interest, and I think that is what this movie will accomplish. It was not supposed to be a church service.

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    121. Alors là Clara, je suis FAN FAN FAN de cette tenue !! La robe est magnifique avec cette dentelle, et les chaussures n’en parlons pas! C’est vraiment les plus belles, et plus la coupe de devant fait un très beau pied.. Bonne soirée

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    125. haha wow, this is scary. I used to work at Pyschiatric hospital (basically a looney bin) and this sounds exactly like a one sided conversation that a Dementia patient on a geriatrics unit would have. Exspecially the chair part.For example: As I was getting a man in his wheelchair and doing up his belt he told me to stop messing around in the back of his truck.

    126. Very interesting, and your experience definitely matches mine in terms of deals – I remember going to Butler's Chop House on a 2 courses for a tenner, 3 for £15 and being really disappointed. It was somewhere I had wanted to go for a long time and if the food hadn't been so nondescript and unmemorable when I went on a deal, I'm sure I would have come back and paid full whack. Though back to Toptable more specifically, went to Axis at One Aldwych and quite enjoyed it..

    127. I love my Brummie accent and I also find it quite hilarious when in a different part of the country and I’m talking with my accent! But as I recently found out, quite a lot of the English population don’t like our accents…most would rather listen to silence than our accent!

    128. Heisenbug: Many thanks for the link, which leads to a fine site and an excellent tour d'horizon.Not only did Barry Hussein prevent an armed response, he relieved the general who had one under way. He must himself be relieved of command — electorally or otherwise.

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    131. Surfkatt / Nice list! It seems like most people are not tuned into how INSANE Sever the bloodline is. The popularity in my meta actually turned me off from playing reanimator. I like the Firefly reference, but I thought shiny was more of a Kaylee thing to say. I havent seen Firefly in awhile so I could be wrong.

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    139. “Don’t be surprised, though, if that pledge is viewed skeptically by the vast swathes of the province that aren’t Toronto, didn’t vote for the Liberals last time, and have only been getting angrier since. To them, “renewal” would mean getting the windmills out of their yard, ending the siege against the horseracing industry and perhaps even visiting ridings beyond the Toronto commuter zone once in a while…”Exactly.

    140. all season they were used to blasting through teams who would give up and they were kind of shocked that the Magic wouldn’t fold. It sort of reminds me of the Lakers entering last year’s Finals…Unless something dramatic happens in the second half, the Lakers will play the Magic. Question: can the Lakers play Dwight straight up? Try to get him in foul trouble by driving big men at him? Cause I think the Magic offense seems to crush double teams.

    141. Hej, jag undrar samma sak. Kommer det inte snart en webbutik?! Tror att ni skulle tjäna på det. Sedan tycker jag det är konstigt att det inte finns en Monkibutik i Västerås än, finns det några planer för det inom en snar framtid?

    142. Ježíš mohl klidnÄ› existovat. Dokonce to mohl být prorok a spoustu takových vÄ›cí i vykonat (ne zázraky, samozÅ™ejmÄ›) takových lidí byla hromada a jedna sekta holt pozdÄ›ji získala na síle…

    143. 看來你對這些問題的認識比我深,我沒太多東西可以回答你,不過你的背景是天主教,而我的背景是新教,我想可以就著這點討論。你說一些宗派自居名門正宗,排斥其他宗派。這其實是病徵而不是病因。一些宗派水火不容,是由於它們在信仰上有基本分歧。天主教認為教皇無誤、崇拜聖母聖像聖物、承認次經,但新教認為這些違反聖經,甚至是異端信仰。另一方面,新教相信「因信稱義」(我們得救並非因為信德行為,而是因為神的恩典),但天主教卻於 1545-63 çš„ Council of Trent 譴責(而不只是反對或不同意)這種主張,並於二千年九月五日發出文件,否定天主教和東正教以外的其他宗派。雖然天主教與一些新教教會一直保持聯繫,尋求信仰合一,但兩派始終「傾唔埋欄」。依我看,到末日來臨的時候,他們也許仍沒有共識。雖然我認為基督徒和「基督教徒」是兩回事,但教派之間的衝突(幸好是言語上的,北愛那些根本是以宗教作幌子)仍令我感到困惑。

    144. Cher Rmiid,Vous semblez oublier un peu vite que John est aussi l’auteur de l’excellent Missy Motel dont on attend avec impatience la version française, en tous cas la version américaine m’a déjà ouvert la vue sur une Amérique bien moins étriquée qu’il n’y parait ─ à première vue ─ si j’ose dire ; une Amérique qui vagabonde au milieu de gens simples et humains, comme vous et moi, sans doute…

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    150. he is a FAILURE) despite being in office for more than one term.So, instead of thinking about his own ego and future, he should bite the bullet and delay implementation.Also you forgot to acknowledge the fiasco last week of double talk and back-stepping when the Mayor, in writing directly correlated the rate increase into “SURPLUS” directly to the City General Fund, NOT RENEWABLE ENERGY.Now put down you bong,get some fresh air, and try to clear your head.

    151. typ hur du tränar varje vecka, alltså vad en vecka kan innehålla träningsupplägg, och om du kan skulle det vara kul med ett inlägg om dem vanligaste skadorna som man kan få när man tränar mycket. Och hur man förebygger, rehabliterar dem skadorna osv

    152. Wixxy : you picked up my first thought- the very gall of a journalist trying to make something of Craig Thomson’s appeal to be left alone and his tweeting of a probably much needed example of support really is breathtaking.For The Australian (which has been a fine newspaper in it’s day-never forget the superb job they did on exposing the Haneef scandal)to print a personal opinion piece on it’s front page is a good example of how today’s printed media is losing it’s way.

    153. Il était une fois, du temps de Blanche Neige et de ses sept nains, il y a bien longtemps un lien sur les vulves a été mis sur LSP. La première photo montrait un oisillon bec grand ouvert, le gosier rouge sang, attendant la becquée. Un oisillon sterne ?Les autres vulves étaient belles.

    154. I have been saying this very thing for the past year or so… When I realized that the genealogy of Jesus wasn’t just the “heroes” of the bible that I knew about.. it freed me in a way that I can not even begin to explain. When you get a hold of this knowledge, that God wants relationship with us so badly, that as time proceeded it is scattered with characters, (who many Christians wouldn’t even dare speak too, much less claim in their family tree) who not only make up His past… but were PART of the PLAN…

    155. Hi Kelly! I just commented on your previous post but wanted to tell you I signed up to sponsor a child tonight and I can't tell you how wonderful it feels! Thank you so much for your blog – without it I wouldn't be where I am in my relationship with God right now and probably wouldn't know about the sponsorship program. May God continue to bless you and Scott and all the others on your trip.

    156. تشتهر الازرق بصناعة الملح الخام من منطقة الملاحات (الصبخة) بالرغم من أن المحمية هي مصغر عن الازرق في القديم الا انها أصبحت تسبب مشكلة لاهالي الازرق بسبب ضخ المياه لها من مياه الشرب وبالتالي من حصة السكان كما انها لا تلبي طموحات اهالي المنطقة

    157. Affordable housing, pshah, reminds me of the old joke “if you think that healthcare is expensive now, wait until it’s free”.Of course a large problem with healthcare today is that it’s free for far too many people. Looks like our housing sector is set to follow the same path: free housing for the ghetto-ites, incredibly expensive housing for everyone else.

    158. Hola Sonia! Benvinguda a la rutina!! Ja trobava a faltar les teves receptes!! Aquest chutney ha d’ estar boníssim; i si, ara tenc el propòsit de menjar mooolt be una temporada per compensar les Festes i aquesta recepta m’anirà molt be! Un petó, Paula

    159.   SteinarJepp Hytteplanmila høres kjapp og morsom ut. Men før det blir det maraton i Stockholm og Berlin.:-) Jeg tror maxen min er pÃ¥ ca 180. (Testa den sist for 25Ã¥r siden og da var den 205, sÃ¥ det passer ihvertfall med -1slag/Ã¥r regelen.. ) Har aldri hatt sÃ¥ jevn og høy puls i en konkurranse før – nesten sÃ¥ jeg lurer pÃ¥ om det er noe feil med avlesningen. Løper vanligvis oløp og da spretter pulsen opp og ned med terreng og bomming.

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    161. MÃ¥nga obevisade antaganden. Hus har man i alla tider byggt om för att anpassa dem till tidens smak. Det finns nog inte ett enda hus i Gamla stan som inte fÃ¥tt ny fasad minst en gÃ¥ng. Det är en ganska sentida idé att byggnader inte fÃ¥r ”förvanskas”. Och jag betalar mycket hellre en extra tusenlapp för en snygg fasad än för att upprätthÃ¥lla den artificiella bristen pÃ¥ innerstad.

    162. >arcadiusC’est la deuxième fois que je remarque que vous me confondez avec celle qui écrit après moi avec moi (l’autre fois c’était sur l’achitecture, sur « taureau manifeste »). Ici, c’est moi, et non dotsie, qui faisait le parallèle entre l’Afrique et les Antilles – parallèle qu’elle avait certes suggéré en rapprochant Senghor de Césaire. Mais c’est incontestablement moi et moi seul qui ai cité Chénier et Michelet…

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