Yoga aasans that you need to do every single day- Part 1


Yoga has helped me immensely, in the past 1 year since I’ve been practising, my shoulder and neck pain has been cured, my posture has improved and yoga has helped me become a calmer person overall.

Incorporating yoga in our daily lives can be seamless because I believe it answers to our body and minds inherent way of functioning and gets our body in the rhythm it’s supposed to be in.

I have decided to write weekly articles under the guidance of my yoga instructor Mr Ravi. My aim would be to introduce you to 3 yoga asanas every week. To begin with they won’t take more than 2-5 mins of your time, gradually we can keep adding on to the routine.

In this week’s article, I emphasise the importance of neck exercises, I’m sure we all know them but we don’t bother to practice them every day as we should.


Basic stretching: Consists of 6 exercises


Have you ever felt the need to stretch when you wake up in the morning? That’s your body’s way of telling you to release the tension of the previous day and gear up for the day ahead. Given our sedentary lifestyle and jobs that require us to sit on a desk for hours, we need these exercises to avoid neck and back pain and more serious illnesses like spondylitis and sciatica.

These exercises are simple to do and don’t require any equipment so you can practice these even while you travel. Just make sure you do them regularly.

3 of the 6 basic stretches

These will help you align your neck and posture for the rest of the routine that we’ll start learning by week 3/4. (We’ll learn the remaining 3 stretches in next weeks blog)

Note: All of the following neck exercises to be done standing up straight. With proper breathing and controlled movements.

Up and down movement:



Stand up straight, make sure your back is not a

rched or hunched.

Start by slowly breathing in and simultaneously looking up towards the celling while stretching your neck. Breathe out and simultaneously turn your neck downwards (try touching your chin to your chest) and feel the stretch on your back, repeat the whole sequence 5 times each.


Side to side




Maintain your posture and breathe regularly while moving your head from one shoulder to another, feel the stretch on your neck.


Circular neck rotations:




10 clockwise rotation followed by 10 anti- clockwise rotations. Do these slowly and feel your neck muscles stretch while doing these. Keep your breathing regular.


Start by doing these as soon as you wake up, they shouldn’t take more than 2 mins of your time, we will keep adding to these on a weekly basis.





Do write in and let me know if you found this blog useful. Do keep in mind, its always best to practice yoga first thing in the morning and under the guidance of a professional. Mr Ravi who I’ve been training under for the past year is a fantastic teacher, his contact details are mentioned below.

Mr Ravi ( fitness and yoga instructor) – 9212565197



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    83. Currently as a student photographer I’ve met other beginner photographers where we get together with amatuer models, pick a location and have fun doing shoot-outs. Mostly we trade our photos to the models for their time so we each have something for our portfolios. This is great practice and builds a helpful network where we can support each other in our progress, my own social circles have really improved since picking up the camera.

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    85. Susan,It’s not fair, IMO. Did you refi after your purchased your home?We still don’t know when or if HARP 3 is going to happen. If Congress does approve HARP 3, or at least extends (or removes) the securitization date requirement, I’ll be writing about it here!

    86. Hey Mrs. Elaine:) I enjoyed reading your post. I am glad that your workout video reminds you of me, and that you pray for me. I need it! Don’t we all???! He is Good:) I think I will def take your advice and read bunches of scripture. I read John 14-17 this morning again-I’ve been reading and rereading it. I’ll check out John 21 too. “Talk” to you soon:)Blessed day to you,katiegfromtennessee

    87. should’nt shop at Wal-Mart at ALL! You’re telling me that WM is the only place they can get groceries at? Even terribly blighted communities have more grocery stores than WM. I want to see corporate income tax raised, capital gains taxes raised and taxes overall raised on all the rich bitches in this country! What I’m sick of is the lazy apathy I see on these slob’s faces! Why aren’t they taking to the streets? Why aren’t they protesting and boycotting these corporations?

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    90. this: “I don’t know how to truly honor them….”You have honored them, Emily. By writing the beautiful piece you have posted here.We usually stay home on Memorial Day. This year we visited FDR’s Little White House. We decided the best way we could honor the young man whom we miss so much was to live our lives. Even on Memorial Day.(Thank you for allowing me to release some emotions. If it’s too much, Emily, I understand if you’re moved to delete.)

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    93. But as DPF points out it would be wrong to call isralies jewish as it may paint the jewish relgion as wrong rather than israel.oh unless you are against israel then you can be called anti-jewish…

    94. 0  0I can relate to ur post. My mom used to look so pretty to me in her red lipsticks. I recently started rockin the reds and i love it, everyone at my job gives me compliments about it (and the rest act like I guess it's a woman thing, u either have the confidence to wear it or u gain confidence by wearing it.

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    100. Fantastic blog Neil. I am also a freelance photographer out of Seoul, South Korea (originally from Toronto). Although I have traveled virtually everywhere else within East and South-east Asia I have yet to visit this wonderful country, but I have heard wonderful things. Inspiring work, keep at it.

    101. Hey everyone, I’m a singer/songwriter. I write all original music. I play piano by ear….and would love to know what you guys think! If I could get one person to click I’d be so grateful! Thanks

    102. Be careful! I have recently heard that if you put on some kinds of creams and ointments right away, it actually traps the heat. I’m not sure if it’s a myth, but I usually try to wait until the next morning to slather anything on (as much as that sucks).

    103. numbernine,once again not responding to our post and making assumptions. such a flawed argument.since u say “Limpeh will say what he want however he want to say it.” why cant other people express as they wish? same theory? different?u want to know so many people are sucking ur balls? cos u think too highly of urself, the only person sucking ur balls is ur mum.

    104. Persoonlijke oproep aan De heer Jean Delahaij.Uw verhaal heeft mij weer eens geschokt. Ik wist van het een en ander en ben op zoek naar dit soort ervaringen van Indo s- /Europeanen.Ik ben gespitst op feiten en raciale rapporten zoals in die commissie Werner worden genoemd.Ik probeer het rapport op te zoeken en te lezen.Mocht u meer weten over dit soort zaken kunt u me mailen.

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    108. "Gays are a tiny minority and their votes don't swing national elections;"Oh, but they are an important part of the mother's milk of politics-money.Seems that the trick of any political movement these days is to paint your minority as abused, misunderstood; then, the left, loving to view itself as kind plantation owners (they'd never admit that, of course) come to the rescue.Gays learned well from the black card game.

    109. Jeg hÃ¥ber at det er sygt meget okay, at jeg lÃ¥ner spørgsmÃ¥lene fra dette indlæg! Jeg lavede et magen til for noget tid siden bare med andre spørgsmÃ¥l, sÃ¥ jeg hÃ¥ber det er okay at jeg lÃ¥ner denne udgave! – Du bliver selvfølgelig krediteret.

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    116. I love your opening setup as a joke but as we see this is such a charming film I look forward to watching again on bluray. This is my #2 best film of year. Number one is Moonrise Kingdom. Both approach love and belonging from opposite ends of the age spectrum and both do it with such class and care.

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    118. Has anyone noticed how the planet in “Nightfall” appears to be flat? How else could all of it be plunged into darkness at once?Actually this is specifically addressed in the story. All six suns were on one side of the planet and remained there for more than half a planetary rotation, so that every part of Lagash got at least a little bit of night. It’s a thin conceit, but it is there.

    119. Accademia deve essere in vacanza, perchè non ha ancora protestato. Ti è scappata una discordanza tra il soggetto al singolare ("un pubblico ministero") e i verbi al plurale ("oscurano", "preparano"). Non che questo c'entri molto con il contenuto della tua sacrosanta protesta.

    120. If we lose to Auburn I may throw myself out of the stands in a drunken fit of hysteria….. If you see anyone running out of the end zone its me and Im coming for blood! lol Im just kidding but I do look forward to Saturdays game and I dont think we will give the game away. Im looking forward to tail gating and making my first trip to one of our biggest rivals home to hopefully see them get thrashed.

    121. Maya, the song is absolutely incredible. Right when Taylor sang the words “army guy”, I lost it. Thank you Taylor for writing this song. And thank you Maya for sharing yours and Ronan’s story with us. So many people are changed (me included) after reading your blog.

    122. I really like this entry. It has wonderful depth and nuance. But I am embarrassed to say one thought kept going through my mind: this is obviously a woman’s bar of soap, because there are no lingering body hairs. I’m sorry–I hate to bring such a lovely post down to my level, but, well, I have all males in my home

    123. Just beautiful, ya'll always seem to get me out of the barn boots and into glamor for just a little while. The pic of the table in front of the fireplace….totally me after a hard day on the Ponderosa, 'cept I'm in yoga pants and a tee! Heeeheehe! Have a fun day and may it be filled with blessings from above!!!

    124. none of that. Secretary of state Rice says, “The United States has no permanent enemies.”Your contribution to this exchange is too bizarre to describe. It’s like when you were arguing with me about Dan Quayle’s speech to the San Francisco Commonwealth Club without ever having read it. I’ve never met anyone who argues so frequently from ignorance — even among the Democrats I know.I’ll tell you what. Why don’t you learn what the Bush administration party really says about its policies, and then we can discuss it.

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    130. Nossa amei Camila… Linda!!! O inverno deixa a gente elegante neh!!! Amo seus posts… Sempre que estou tristinha e largadinha entro aki pra me inspirar… Vc é minha musa absoluta! Parabéns pelo trabalho! Tudo que é feito com amor têm retorno garantido! Te gosto demais! [kiss][]

    131. I vote for pettipants. Holding one's skirt down in the fierce wind we've been having is annoying (especially if you are carrying shit!). And you look just like a pinup! You had me at the leopard print 😉 And then I stayed for the cardi and shoes!

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    137. ó ég er alls introvert. just because that sounds better than ‘a total snot.’ en ég þarf gott makeup, gott hár, góður skór, gott denim…. ekki sem hljómar meira eins og alls Snot en samtals introvert… en ég eins og g Chapman…HolyMama! nýlega staða..

    138. How funny about your 3 y.o., Sarah! That age is unpredictable and fun. I remember running a lot when my kids were that age, trying to keep them from getting into everything. lol! The “terrible twos” have nothing on the threes, imo.

    139. What happened was EA has a bug in the online game this year. There are a ton of people chiming in to say that this problem has happened to them as well. EA is trying to fix this problem but until it's fixed it will eventually happen again.

    140. But then…(continuing the battered wife on-the-run scenario )… she wouldn't be able to see that her webmail had been accessed from another location (eg home) and would assume she's safe. If she could see her history, and suspects nasty-husband knows her password, she has the opportunity to change it… which she'd probably do anyway…

    141. Hi,Appologies to the book group. I was sick for the last group and went to the open mike night on Dangar Island the previous month. I did attend the writers workshop in August and did get a book proposal complete and sent in to Hay House. I will bring it along to the November book club and the example book proposal they gave us to work from.CheersSee you soonChantal

    142. Tattoos are vulgar, demeaning, debasing, tacky and just plain classless and UGLY! Most of the cretins in society hate themselves, and have a HUGE need to conform. They also do it as a means of "flogging" themselves to display their major sense of self-loathing. To add insult to injury, in most cases, they spend inordinate sums of money on this atrocious crap, when often, they are at the bottom of the economic scale. How utterly PATHETIC!

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    144. We’re just getting into another round of succ plnng, and I am completely stealing this tagline, “sonny got whacked…” and all to explain what we DON’T want to do. I have my own words for conveying “the right way” Thanks very much, Comrade Conrad. In addition to being helpful to a colleague, this made me laugh out loud just now. “Sonny got whacked…”…solid!

    145. and said very accurately; “we have met the enemy and he is us.”Though this was meant as a political material definition it readily applies to the spiritual (or lack of) reality as well.I’m not saying, lest anyone gets ruffled, that I am in any way more spiritual or advanced than anyone else. In fact, that I see this first truth of spirit (we are not the body) as ultimate truth and am so lax and retarded in my progress towards God’s best wishes for me, likely makes me rather unremarkable and even pathetic.Ya think? Just for starters.

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    158. Thanks for all the links recently. I read Mike Ervin’s column and left a comment. I’ve been reading on The Progressive to get Howard Zinn’s columns, but Ervin is new to me. (Zinn’s death is a loss of large proportions to many.)

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